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Rolled Rings. Discs. Pot Die Forgings. Bars. Blocks.

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Oklahoma Forge
Forging with Integrity.

Oklahoma Forge set a standard of customer service in 1957 and built the foundation for delivering on the commitment of giving a customer “what” you promised, and “when” you promised it. Since then, that foundation has held true to a level of dependability for those who trust Oklahoma Forge for their rolled ring and other forging needs. This commitment is validated today by their 97% On Time Delivery rating and a Scrap Rate of less than 0.01%.

Ownership in quality, ownership in service, and ownership in client satisfaction can only be delivered by a company that is owned by those doing the work. The difference at Oklahoma Forge comes from the fact that in addition to the great leadership of Steve Duenner and the Duenner family, a portion of the company is held as an employee-owned ESOP. Through this, Oklahoma Forge is a company whose employees are vested in creating value. There is a comfort in knowing that this value is created by a seasoned team of experts who average over 17 years of tenure at Oklahoma Forge.

Leading the way in Rolled Rings, Discs, and Pot Die forgings, OFI is here to rewrite the customer experience. Ask us about our
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