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Rolled Rings, Discs, Bars, Blocks, Pot Die Forgings.

Rolled Rings –

At Oklahoma Forge, we specialize in Rolled Ring Forgings. Our state-of-the-art, CNC SMS Meer Wagoner Banning ring mill has the capacity to roll rings with a max outside diameter of 112”, a max height 19.5”, and max weight of 6,200#. Rings are rolled accurately, with optimal surface finishes, and reduced stock allowance. In many cases, the need for a preliminary rough machine is eliminated allowing the forgings to go directly to a CNC machine operation. Through the combination of our speed and efficiency in production, alongside reduced machine times, Oklahoma Forge is creating value every day for our clients.

Rolled Ring

Discs –

Discs at Oklahoma Forge can be either forged or rolled depending on the finished size and weight configuration. Oklahoma Forge’s rolled discs are known industry-wide for consistent tolerances, excellent surface finishes, and square corners. Our customers are able to transfer these efficiencies to their machining processes with confidence and reliability in the finished product.


Bars –

With multiple open die forging presses, Oklahoma Forge is able to provide forged bars up to 36” in length. Oklahoma Forge manufactures custom bars for many customers looking for options better than the mill or a service center.

Blocks –

Oklahoma Forge also has the expertise and experience necessary to provide open die forged blocks up to 36” in length. Where many forge shops only want to forge large blocks with high quantities and long lead times, Oklahoma Forge specializes in offering the flexibility of smaller blocks, smaller runs, and short lead times.


Pot Die Forgings –

At Oklahoma Forge, we take pride in utilizing our equipment and manufacturing expertise in ways that ultimately save our clients time and money in their procurement and manufacturing processes. Pot die forgings (bold?) are implemented in projects if applicable and provide a tighter, near-net shape, in order to reduce machining, cut costs, and add value to end-users. Oklahoma Forge currently stocks over 75 pot dies from 6″ OD through 28″ OD. Sizes are added for individual orders as needed.

Pot die

Oklahoma Forge offers Machining, Heat Treating, and Non-Destructive Testing per customer specifications.

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