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At Oklahoma Forge, our greatest assets are our people. Our talented team of experts has spent years perfecting their craft and take pride in every product that leaves our facility. The combination of some of the most advanced equipment in North America and a team of expert operators leads to a level of quality that leads the industry. Together we achieve 97% On Time Delivery and achieve a 0.01% Scrap Rate.

In 2014, Oklahoma Forge completed the, over $6M expansion, which included with SMS Meer Wagnor Banning 100/100 Ring Mill. The first one of it’s kind in North America, this precision ring mill immediately added a level of consistency, efficiency, and quality that is unmatched in our industry. As we refined and optimized this equipment and other expansion projects, such as forging press rebuild, high-efficiency saws, and lean workflow layout initiatives, we were able to pass those savings on to our customers, while increasing best-in-class on-time delivery numbers to near 100%. In addition to our ring mills, presses, furnaces, and saws, we also have internal machining capabilities with an array of lathes and mills, as well as offer Heat Treating and Non-Destructive Testing to customer specifications.

  • Plant size 70,000 Sq ft
  • 125/125 ring mill
  • 80/50 ring mill
  • 100/100 ring mill
  • 3000 ton forging press
  • 1500 ton forging press
  • 120″ Bumping Press
  • 6 forging furnaces
  • 4 car bottom heat treat furnaces
  • (3) 30” HEM-SAW 2000/30
  • (1) 30” Cosen C-800NC Bandsaw
  • (1) 20” Cosen C-520NC Bandsaw 
  • King 84″ Boring Mill
  • Bullard 60″ VTL
  • Bullard 50″ Boring Mill
  • King 42″ VTL
  • 2 Warner & Swasey 3A Lathe
  • Victor 20100 Lathe
  • Lodge & Shipley 22″ Lathe
  • Morris Radial Arm Drill
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